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David Anger’s A to Z

Photos by Jim Broberg

A is for Anger — a German name that comes from Alsace long ago and refers to “the village green.” | Broberg is my husband Jim’s Scandinavian surname and B is our knick name for each other. | Copenhagen is heaven. | Diana Vreeland was right: The eye must travel! | Elizabeth is my sister’s name. | Swedish designer Filippa K is a favorite and offers world-wide shipping. | G is for Gower, my Mother’s DBE passion. | David Hockney’s paintings are bliss. | Ikea can’t help but bring joy. | Anything designed by Arne Jacobsen shines. | Ellsworth Kelly’s paintings are national treasures. | It’s a cliche but Liza Minnelli is in my heart.| Mahler’s Adagietto from Symphony No 5 is perfection. | Every home needs at least one Orchid. | I’m a push over for Paul Smth clothing. | Queens Elizabeth and Marguerite amaze. | Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 is desert island music. | Anyone can whistle to a Sondheim song. | When can we stay at the TWA Hotel in Saarinen’s sublime terminal? | I interned for a United States Senator in Washington, D.C. | Jim and I hoarded Vera textiles for years and now the collection belongs to the Goldstein Museum of Design. | Walking is essential, especially around Lake Harriet. | Truthfully: I like ChristXmas. | YSL was the first tie I bought. | Aries is my Zodiac sign. |